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Raining Dimples


The impact one can leave on others is detrimental to humankind. Smiling can be so contagious, happiness, joy, the love rather giving or receiving has the power to form lasting impressions on our lives, even though the initial gesture might only be for a split second. You yourself are our rain drops, pouring down on our hearts, felt and seen by everybody. You show that you are love from the skies above. Created not with water, but with the defying acts of nature itself, not leaving ripple affects like dimples on puddles of water, lakes, oceans or ponds, but on human hearts.


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3““`A soft bouquet of florals mixed with scrumptious blackberries.

Top notes: blackberries, bergamot, heliotrope and fresh greens

Mid notes: caramel, Chinese lilies, Japanese rose, and Dewey cyclamen.

Base notes: amber, vanilla, white moss and clean musk.


Burn Time: 72 to 120 hours
Wax: Natural Soy Wax Blend
Scent: Premium Quality Fragrance Oil
Cover: Square Silver Metal Cap
Glass: Square Cobalt Blue 50% recycled glass container
Wick: Natural flat cotton
Weight: 8.5 oz
Dimensions: 3 ¼ H x 2 ¾’D x 2 ¾’W with a 2 ¼’ opening.


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