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The Kid (Nov. 12 Release)


You wasn’t ahead of your time, you was a product of your time. Life has a way of growing some faster than others. Circumstances and situations create a whole lot of failure, as well as mediocrity and potential. Than there is those rare cases, where greatness is born and formed. You was everything A kid can ask for in a man, a friend, uncle, brother, cousin, nephew, son, mentor, teacher and most of all a dad. I was able to see your life through my eyes, as your life was able to see through mine. A son becomes the father, when a father becomes the son. Your life flashed before our eyes, and you know what, it was worth watching. You Didn’t live in fear, therefore you didn’t die before your time. Forever Young, because what you left behind is everywhere, and will live for all eternity.

Soft, gentle floral blend that will remind of you of old summer days of trying to stay fresh and cool.

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Top Notes: Vanilla and Tonka Beans

Middle Notes: Ylang and Caraway

Base Notes: Cedar


Burn Time: 72 to 120 hours
Wax: Natural Soy Wax Blend
Scent: Premium Quality Fragrance Oil
Cover: Square Black Metal Cap
Glass: Square Dark Amber 50% recycled glass container
Wick: Natural flat cotton
Weight: 8.5 oz
Dimensions: 3 ¼ H x 2 ¾’D x 2 ¾’W with a 2 ¼’ opening.


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