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Low End


The people that are really from poverty and lower class circumstances, you can’t see that-we want to get out of those circumstances. We don’t want to gang bang, or anything along those lines, we want to make it out. Coming out of the projects in Chicago and making it is just crazy to see. Whether it be picking up a basketball, microphone, 9-5 and coming from the streets, then being able to go around the world while really staying yourself and staying true to who you are is the complete essence of where I am from.

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A pungent aroma that’s earthy with a fruity fresh blend.

Top Notes: patchouli leaves and pineapple

Mid Notes: clove, orange flower, and peach

Base Notes: cedarwood, black wood, and leafy greens.


Burn Time: 72 to 120 hours
Wax: Natural Soy Wax Blend
Scent: Premium Quality Fragrance Oil
Cover: Square Black Metal Cap
Glass: Square Vintage Green 50%
recycled glass container
Wick: Natural flat cotton
Weight: 8.5 oz
Dimensions: 3 ¼ H x 2 ¾’D x 2 ¾’W with a 2 ¼’ opening.


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